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Nobody likes to admit it but memories and minds fade as time passes.  We all have photographs and videos to help trigger them and bring us to happier times and places.  The bad news is time is not kind to those forms of media, but we can help.

Photo-Movie DVD – will allow you to show your photos on your computer, DVD player or TV formatted as a movie.  Here is a sample movie. These are perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, mothers/fathers days or just to cheer someone up. We can also put together a tasteful funerals memorial in as little as 24 hours. It can help bring back fond memories that help celebrate a life.

Photo archiving/restoration/and repair – photos fade over time and loose color and depth.  With our software we can bring back most photos to be close to the original, at the very least it will be much better than it is today.  Here are a few samples, we think you will be impressed.

Preserve and safeguard your videos and pictures virtually forever – Many home videos captured once in a lifetime events: Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthday parties, Holidays. Every day they lose color and sharpness. Photos fade over time.  We use high quality scanning to archive and safeguard them for generations to enjoy.

Convert your VHS tape to a high quality brand name DVD.
$34.99 for a 2 hour tape

Photo scanning and disc archiving
Professionally scan your photos and preserve on a quality brand name
CD - $5.00 or DVD $10.00.

Photographs - each
Photos in Album - each
Slides - each  35mm or 110 Negatives
(per image, not strip)
300 DPI - $0.45
600 DPI - $0.65
300 DPI - $0.75
600 DPI - $0.95 
300 DPI - $0.60
600 DPI - $0.80 
2000 DPI - $0.65
4000 DPI - $0.85 

Basic Color/Exposure Correction, red eye removal, add $0.10 per image

Photo-Movie DVD
Professionally scan your photos. Plan on 1 song for every 25 to 30 images. You can provide the song or we will purchase the song(s) of your choice -- $2 each. 
plus the price of scanning @300 DPI unless you the provide images on CD/DVD.

All DVD slideshow movies come in a professional commercial hard case

*More complex titles and transitions can cost m ore and will be quoted upfront.

Backup/Duplicate Copy of your DVD
Of course we will use only a high quality brand name DVD's.
$9.99 at time of original service.
$19.99 for the first after original service, $9.99 each subsequent DVD on the same order

Photograph repair or restoration
Our rate is $30.00 per hour, 30 minute minimum.   A moderate repair or restoration is typically about 1 hour but can be higher depending on the work needed. 

Another thing we can do, fixes closed eyes on photographs, remove objects, people and/or add people and objects.

Please keep in mind; nobody can perform miracles on severely damages images. We will use top rated software combined with our artistic ability to restore images.

Photos to oil painting
One of the unique offerings we have is we can take a photo and turn it into an original painting.  Since these are hand painted on canvas we can add/remove people or objects as needed. Keep in mind these are works of art and will require a minimum of 6 weeks and will require a 50% deposit.  The remainder will be due before final delivery. Prices vary by size, number of subjects and framing, please call to arrange for a quote.

We can create a family website for all your family to view and enjoy.
Prices start at $350.00 for a 3 page site creation, 1 year domain name registration and hosting.

We accept credit cards via PayPal.
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